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At ELP Compliance, we always try to be as transparent as possible. Below, you are able to see a list of common questions and their answers. If you have any further questions that are not currently listed, please feel free to Contact Us with your question and we will try to get back to you in a timely manner. It is our privilige to bring you the best service.

Questions and Answers

1. How long is the Dealer Compliance Test?

The Dealer Pre-Licensing state test is comprised of 50 multiple choice as well as true and false questions while the Dealer Continuing Education state test is comprised of 40 of the same question types. Students of both courses will have 90 minutes to complete their test. This being said, the 90 minute timer starts as soon as the student begins their test. After each answer is submitted on the test, one cannot go back to change their answer. They can only move forward to the following question until they have completed their tests. The test itself covers every chapter from our course materials along with our comprehensive and full review study guide. Again, please note that during the test, the student will only be able to answer one question at a time. As soon as you submit your answer, you will move on to the next question until all questions are completed. One cannot go back to a previous question.

*Important* We recommend that all of our students study the course materials thoroughly. After diligently taking notes, proceed to play our games and try to answer each question correctly. After playing our games, take a look over the full review study guide. Only begin your test when you feel you are fully prepared for the exam.

2. Does your curriculum have games? How do I play the curriculum games? Do the study games cost an extra fee to use?

At ELP Compliance, we provide our students with six games that were developed to help our students in their preparation for their compliance exams. Our games (The Matchbox, Dealerium, Dealer's Peril, Dealer's Choice, Dealer 20! and The Dealer's Pair!) are all state-of-the-art and are developed to be used with Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

All of our games games are part of the overall curriculum and will NOT cost you anything extra to play them. Once downloaded and opened, the student should immediately press the "F5" button on their keyboard. This opens the PowerPoint program into Slideshow mode (If using a Mac, choose the "fn" function key and the F5 key).

    *IMPORTANT: System Requirements*
  1. Our website is compatible with ANY system and on ANY browser.
  2. Our games were developed for use with PC's (Windows operating systems). Therefore, we cannot guarantee their functionality or compatibility with Macs or other operating systems.
  3. If the student does not have Microsoft Office PowerPoint installed on their computer, we strongly recommend the student to DOWNLOAD the Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer program. If this link does not work when you try to use it, run a quick Google search for Free Microsoft Office Powerpoint Viewer. This will yield many results, one of which you should be able to get the free software at.

3. What are the fees to take ELP Compliance's Dealership Compliance Tests?

We currently offer several different tests which the student can take for various licenses in the State of Florida.
*Even though we offer our tests in different languages, the cost of the test does not differ per language, only per test.

At any time during the year, we may run a promotional offer or discount event on our compliance courses. We update this information on all of our social media pages including our Facebook page, Twitter Page, and our own Blog. Feel free to check out any of these social media pages as we update them often with important updates and relevant news affecting the automotive industry.

    Here are our current prices for our exams:
  • Dealer Pre-Licensing in any language costs $149.95.
    Promotional Offer for New Dealers
    *HOT NEW PRICE* -> $139.95
  • Continuing Education (CE) in any language costs $19.95.

4. How much time do we (students) have to complete the overall test?

Each student is given access to all course material, including the test, for 30 days. The student should plan on reviewing all lesson chapters, course games, and our final course review to be fully prepared for the compliance exams. We recommend taking notes and being as prepared as possible for the exam. This will help to ensure the student has plenty of time to take their test.

The test itself is timed for 90 minutes. The student will be allowed to take the test twice per paid registration.
*If at the conclusion of the 30 days, the student has not passed the test to obtain a certificate of completion for the course, a new registration and appropriate fee will be required.

5. What is the best way to study for this exam?

We feel that the best way to study is to do a combination of both our materials as well as our games. They complement each other by allowing the student to study by reading, and then play games that question their newly formed knowledge of the topic.

6. I paid for the course, studied all of the materials and have even read the review. Now, where can I take the test?

First and foremost, we are pleased to hear that you have been very diligent in your test preparation. Now, let us help you get started on your test because, hey, that's been your goal all along, right?

    There are three ways in which you can access and take your test:
  1. After signing in, you are automatically sent to your account/profile page. From here, you can click on the button located under/next to the course that you have paid for. It reads, "Ready for your test? Click Here."
  2. After signing in, you can navigate the menu bar at the top of any page. From there, you can find your test by hovering your mouse over the courses button (do not click yet), then, scroll down to the course that you are currently enrolled in. From there, you will now see a new subdirectory menu pop out. You can click on the test at the bottom of this subdirectory menu.
  3. The test link can also be found at the bottom of chapter 10 in your course materials. If you scroll down to the bottom of the literature, you will see three button links. The third link will re-direct you to your account's test page.

7. How can we get started?

    The process is as simple as:
  1. Registering on our site
  2. Confirming and validating your email
  3. Selecting and paying for a course
  4. Studying the course material diligently
  5. Playing the games
  6. Reviewing the course via our full course review study guide
  7. Taking the test (conveniently accessible in three areas; profile page, course menu bar, and at bottom of chapter 9 and 10 - depending on your course!)

Students can get started by pressing on the Sign Up button at the top of the home page. From there, they can simply enter their information into our system and sign-up. Our system is developed for security and therefore, we send you a confirmation email to confirm your account with ELP. As soon as you go to your email provider and validate your account, your account will officially be registered and activated for use on our site.

From there, you may select the course that you are interested in taking and pay for said class (we now use Stripe as a safe and secure method of payment). As soon as your payment has been received, you will only have access to the course work that you have paid for. Please feel free to begin studying on the site using all of our materials provided to you.

Only take the test when you are ready.
*Important* Remember, even though students are allowed to take the test twice per one paid registration, we strongly recommend that each student plans on taking the test only one time (this means to prepare as much as possible!)

8. Why am I not able to hear/listen to the audio in the chapters? Why is the audio not working?

First and foremost, we truly apologize for any and all inconveniences. The audio that we use in our website's course chapters are embedded using the QuickTime audio plugin. We realize that not everyone uses this program and therefore, we recommend that our students download and install QuickTime or Itunes onto their computers.

Once you install either of those two programs, the audio will automatically load after you press the play button next to each form in the chapter. Simple re-load the website and the audio should work smoothly. If the audio is still unable to be heard, please give us a ring and we will try our best to help troubleshoot this error.

9. Can we study with ELP on all platforms and devices?

Yes, you sure can! We have developed our website to be functional and fully responsive on all platforms. Regardless if you are using a PC, Mac, tablet (iPad and Android devices fully supported), or the latest mobile smart phone (iPhone or Android), you are able to study after logging in.

This being said, we recommend that our students use our services, specifically our games, on a laptop PC or desktop with a version of the Microsoft Operating System. This is so you do not feel short changed on quality. We are always working to improve our sevices to be more convenient and accommodating for our students.

If you have any suggestions at all to make our site more user friendly, please let us know.

10. Does ELP Compliance offer any video content that we can watch to get a better understanding of Florida's rules and regulations governing the automotive industry?

We are currently laying out the groundwork to be able to offer videos showing examples of various rules and regulations. As soon as our videos are ready, we will update the sites course content with direct links in the appropriate sections. Any new updates to the site will be posted via our ELP Blog. Please check there for any news regarding rule changes in the State of Florida as well as any site updates.

11. I have an out of state driver's license but I waant to be a dealer in Florida. Am I still able to take the course?

Yes, you certainly may. The Division of Motorist Services accepts Driver's Licenses from Canada as well as all U.S. Territories. So long as you are from one of these areas, you are allowed to become a licensed dealer in the State of Florida.

12. Why do I need to provide my driver's license, address and date of birth when registering?

The Division of Motorist Services currently requires that all certificates from online compliance schools contain the students various information as a way to faster process their application when submitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles. This information is mandatory. There is no exception.

13. Even though this is an online class, do I get a copy of the course curriculum?

We pride ourselves on being a green education company. This being said, we do not send any copy of the course curriculum to students by mail or e-mail. The student is given 30 days to read over and study the entire course prior to taking their dealer license exam.

Each of our courses are well written and provides more than enough information for any dealer or potential dealer's moving forward. Even though an exact replica copy of the course curriculum is not available for download, our games as well as our comprehensive course review study guide are both available for download for paid students.

14. How many states throughout the country require some form of education such as an in-person or online course prior to getting a license to become an automotive dealer?

This is a great question. At present moment, April 2018, at least 20 out of 50 states require some form of education before a person be allowed to become a legally recognized automotive dealer. This type of education comes in the form of an in-person or online course such as the seminars, dealer pre-licensing or continuing education courses that we provide here on our website.

15. What states currently require an individual to receive some form of education prior to receiving their dealer license?

If it were up to us, every state should require some form of basic education and then continuing education thereafter once per year or once every two years for automotive dealers (including their sales people). By doing so, this would truly help to ensure that all dealers know and understand the up-to-date and applicable laws of the land including any and all rules, regulations and state statutes that are in effect where they currently live.

Here is the current list at present moment (April 2018) in alphabetical order that require some form of education: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Louisana, Maryland, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.

16. How many states is ELP Compliance currently licensed and approved to be a Dealer Compliance School or a Dealer Pre-Licensing/Continuing Education Course provider in?

At present time (April 2018), we are currently only licensed for the State of Florida. We have been proudly servicing the State of Florida since 2013 and take great pride in being able to do so as we personally call this great state our home.

This being said, we will be working hard at expanding our services to many more states in the future. Our website was initially developed with this type of expansion in mind. As soon as we are licensed in other states, we are positive that our platform will truly be second-to-none when compared to other legally recognized dealer training schools or programs.